2 november 2017

Information Two Rivers Marathon – English

Date and location
The fourth edition of the Two Rivers Marathon will take place on Sunday February 10, 2019.

Enter race
Entries will open in autumn 2018. We will communicate the exact date later on.

The event offers three possibilities to participate. Total distance for all three is 42.2 kilometers, the official marathon distance.

  1. Individual Marathon;
  2. Duo Marathon, 2 people with half-marathonpoint as relay- point;
  3. Run-Bike-Run, 3 or 4 people (1 runner with 2 or 3 cyclists, unlimited relays).

Two Oceans Marathon qualifier
Two Rivers Marathon is originally a trainingmarathon for Dutch participants preparing for Two Oceans Marathon, being run at Eastersaturday in Cape Town. We are trying to bring that unique Two Oceans atmosphere Zaltbommel. Two Rivers Marathon is an official qualifier for this world-famous race.

Two Rivers Marathon also brings a great opportunity to test your condition in preparation for other spring marathons in Northern Europe.

A finish in the Two Rivers Marathon within cut-off time of 5 hours qualifies for Two Oceans Marathon. See full list ‘Ultra Marathon Qualifying Races’.

===  Information below concerns latest edition, just for your information. Will be updated by the end of 2018 ===

Runners package
The registration package consists of participating to an unforgettable marathon, official time registration, well-organized facilities, free transport for duo runners to and from the relay point, a unique 2018 running runningshirt and at the finishing a medal with two free Two Rivers beers (or a non alcoholic alternative). The entry fee for the individual marathon is EUR 41.50, for the Duo Marathon and Run-Bike-Run fees are EUR 27.50 per person.

Two Rivers Marathon is supporting Run4Schools Foundation.

Start and finish at the Boschstraat at the square between Theater De Poorterij and the Zaltbommelse Stadsbrouwerij. The route is exactly 42.2 km. Each kilometer is marked.

Schedule Saturday February 24

Schedule Sunday February 25

  • 09:00-10:30 Free dairy breakfastbuffet by Den Eelder;
  • 09:00-10:30 Pick up racepacks (startnummers) in lobby of theatre De Poorterij (Nieuwstraat 2, Zaltbommel);
  • 10:55-11:00 Final instruction in startarea;
  • 11:00 Gunshot by Brett Florens;
  • 11:30 Departure free shuttle bus duo-runners to half marathonline;
  • 12:30-13:30 Crossing half marathonline at tunnel A2 in Hedel;
  • 12:45-13:45 Departure free shuttle bus duo-runners to finish;
  • 13:45-16:00 Finish runners (5 hour cut-off);
  • 16:15 Winners ceremony and prize draw two free start numbers Two Rivers Marathon 2019 and handover check for charity Run4Schools;
  • 15:00-18:00 Braai and beer at finisharea (at square between Theatre De Poorterij and Citybrewery Zaltbommel (Zaltbommelse Stadsbrouwerij);
  • 18:00 End of day.

5 hour cut-off
Two Rivers Marathon has a 5 hour cut-off. At exactly 4:00 pm finish will be closed. Runners still on the course will be asked to stop. Runners passing below posts later than specified times will be asked to stop and deliver their race number to the marshalls.

  • Half marathon 13h30;
  • Waterpost 37,5 km 15h30;
  • Finish closure at 16h00.


This race offers pacinggroups with targets of 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15 and 4:30. Pacers will wear a yellow safety jacket. Each pacergroup has two pacers and is accompanied by a cyclist.

Waterposts are catered with water and sportsdrink (from Fitshape). At some water posts we also offer cola and fruits. At post 3, 6 and at the finish hot soup is available.

  1. 10 km at Bistro In Petto, Rossum;
  2. 14,5km at MFC De Kreek, Kerkdriel;
  3. 21 km half marathonpoint at A2-crossing, Hedel;
  4. 27,5 km at ‘het Oude Veerhuis’, Ammerzoden;
  5. 32 km at Wellseind;
  6. 37,5 km at Den Otter Assurantien, Bruchem;
  7. 42,2 km at finish, Zaltbommel.

At the busier points in the track, traffic controllers are deployed. However, runners remain responsible for their own safety. The course follows relatively quiet roads and dikes but is not exclusively available to the participants. Cars, cyclists and hikers can also use the roads and bikingpaths. Keep that in mind and be sure to keep safe.

Changing room & tog bag facilities
At Boschstraat 90 (former Social Services building) it’s possible to change your clothes. This is next to the start area. During the race you can hand in your clothes here. Despite the fact that volunteers supervise your belongings, this is at your own risk.

Available in the Stadsbrouwerij, De Poorterij and at the start. Also at half marathon point.

Massage and shower
Showers are available within walking distance (about 600 meters) from finisharea at the gymnasium ‘Klipperstraat’, changing rooms can be used to refresh after the marathon. Massage is available at first floor of Theatre De Poorterij.

After the marathon we will organise our traditional Braai at the finish area, a South African style BBQ! Costs EUR10,- per person.

For overnight stays Zaltbommel offers a few pleasant B&B’s, all in or near the historic city. Please contact Bed & Breakfast In de Oude Smederij for more information.

We have quite some runners who come from far and have booked a room in or around Zaltbommel. The evening before the race, Saturday 24 from 18:00, we are organizing a pasta-buffet at The Poorterij, the local theatre/restaurant, which will be the start location of the race the next day. Costs EUR15,-. Want to join? Send us a mail, info@tworiversmarathon.nl.
It’s also possible to collect your racepack just before our pastaparty, from 16:00 to 18:00.

An event like this can not be done without a large group of volunteers. We are therefore very proud of the people who support us!

For participation in Two Rivers Marathon, the applicable regulations apply (in Dutch, sorry!).